Sunday, January 4, 2015

One last time

One of the things we love about our church is the many opportunities for ministry that our children have.
At all ages.
No child is too small to be able to participate in some way of being a blessing and learning to minister to those around them.
From singing "Happy Birthday" to our Pastor in is office on his birthday when they are 2-years old to neighborhood evangelism when they are teenagers!
At Christmas, we look forward to the Children's Choirs presentations.
Each Sunday evening in December a different choir features special carols, recitations, and drama.
The first Sunday of the month always belongs to the very youngest choir.....the primary choir.
For 7 years we've had one or more children from ages 4 to 1st grade participating in this group.
This was the very last year we will have a child as a part of the primary choir.
Next year, she'll be joining her youngest brother and sister in the junior choir!
Aryn worked so very hard to learn her Scripture verses.
She climbed up on that platform wearing the dress that her very oldest sister once wore in a Christmas program many years ago and that has been worn by each sister since then.
She was so very nervous, but did such a happy job!
Sweet, precious memories.

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