Saturday, January 10, 2015

December Busyness

Just to give a little perspective on things here, this post highlights all the events that took place
during the daytime hours before we took our trip to Bethlehem.
You can view that post here.

In the morning hours, I ran two of my children to their final rehearsal at church for their
junior choir presentation that was to be held the following Sunday evening.
They had been practicing this program for months and worked so hard learning their solos!

After they were finished, we raced home to pick up their siblings for a Christmas party
held at our former church where they are now attending a wonderful school program.
(More on THAT later)
They had so much fun with their friends sharing pizza, games, gifts, and a re-enactment
of the Christmas story!!

When that party was over, most of them climbed into vans and went caroling to some shut-ins!
They got home from caroling just in time to have some dinner and off we went to Bethlehem!!

The following evening, the second Sunday evening in December, these two had their Junior Choir Program.  I wish I had gotten more pictures of them during the program, but we were focused on video recording their solos.  The lighting was also very dim which made for poor quality pictures.

These two truly did such a beautiful job.
They were nervous, but  glorified their Savior in their sweet spirits and in ministering
to the hearts of those there with their songs.

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