Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas 2014: Christmas Eve Celebration

Ever since my husband began working as a police officer nearly 9 years ago, he has never had to miss Christmas Day with us.
Until this year.
We were sad that we couldn't celebrate together on December 25th, but decided the next best
thing would be to enjoy Christmas on Christmas Eve.
So we piled everything into our vehicles and traveled 3 minutes to my MIL's Senior Living Apartments.  They have several lovely, big rooms available for parties.
We reserved one last year, and it worked so perfectly that we decided to have our festivities there again this year.
I went over a bit early to get tables moved and our brunch food warmed and plated, so I took the opportunity to snap a couple impromptu pictures.

We are hooked on "Hot Chocolate Bars" now, and set up our drink station complete with some amazing Sparkling Apple Cider!

Before we exchange gifts with each other, we always have a short devotional time where we walk through some Scripture passages that climax what we've been reading and experiencing the entire month, and remind us of the Greatest Gift ever given.  We review that material gifts are not our reason for celebrating and that we should be ever so grateful for whatever we receive!!

This year, instead of each child buying a gift for each of their 5 siblings, we put them in groups of two and they exchanged gifts with each other.  I chose the sibling groups based on who I felt needed a chance to do something kind for the other......those who had particularly struggled throughout the year to really get along.

Now that our children are getting older, we are experiencing some really fun moments with them.  They understand our humor better and throw out some real zingers themselves.  This year, we played a new game (Buzzword) together and really belly laughed at some of the answers these kids came up with!
We had so much fun together this year, and the memories of it will be those I will cherish for many years.

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