Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Magical Evening

In the fall, my husband and I had the wonderful opportunity of attending a concert of The Piano Guys in our local {very} big city.
During intermission, as we were standing on the outdoor balcony overlooking the sparkling downtown skyline, he pointed out the other big concert venue not far away.
I casually mentioned to him that there was going to be an AMAZING Christmas concert there featuring their extraordinary pipe organ and the brass section of the orchestra.
I also casually mentioned that wouldn't it be awesome to hear that and to double date with some very dear friends of ours who we knew would equally enjoy such a concert!
I mentioned it VERY casually to him because I had already checked out the ticket prices, and they were {gulp} waaaaaaaay out of our price range.
But if you know my husband, he loves to give great gifts....especially those he knows the receiver will love!
So, imagine my surprise when he came charging in from work one day and made the declaration that he had made an "executive decision," had already called and made the arrangements with our friends, and had already ordered the tickets!!!  {gulp}
Plus, he already had a plan on how to make it financially feasible for us as well!!!

How could I NOT be excited!!!!!
He planned and planned, and even researched a brand new restaurant for us that evening.
It was an amazing little Italian place that had such a lovely atmosphere and delicious food!

He even planned for valet parking.
Something we have NEVER done before (and after it was all over may not ever do again.)
After taking pictures together.........

......we made our way to our seats.
The view was spectacular!!!

The entire concert was just stunning, and literally blew us away!!!
At one point in the program, several of the instrumentalists spread out around the concert hall to give an echo effect in the music, and we ended up with the principal french horn right smack in our box!!
He even graciously autographed our programs!!

The entire evening was just magical with all the beauty of Christmas around us.
The final piece was the most amazingly beautiful arrangement of O, Come All Ye Faithful that I've ever heard.

When it was all over, we strolled back to where we had dropped off our vehicle at valet parking.
We were told that we now needed to walk to the back of the building to retrieve our ride.
On the way over, we were slightly distracted by the gift shop where we chose to browse for a few minutes.
By the time we got back to the pick-up spot, there wasn't a soul in sight.
No one. Nothing. Nada.
After checking in at the service deck not far away, they discovered that the valet parkers had gone home.  Without leaving our keys at the desk.
So that provided us with a couple more silly photo opportunities while we waited for them to high-tail it back to us.

I've never seen a vehicle shoot out of parking garage so fast.
All was well that ended well!!
In more ways than one, it was an evening to not be soon forgotten!!!!

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