Monday, October 7, 2013

She got to meet the Chief! (Final installment of "Our red head goes on a journey")

Oh my.
How time has gotten away from me!!
It's almost the middle of OCTOBER now.
I have so many other things that I've wanted to journal and document
about our summer, but time is just getting away from me.
Especially since starting another year of homeschooling.
Even though there are many other aspects of Lexi's summer mission trip that
I really want to write about (including her day trip to London!!!),
I must move on to other things we are experiencing!!
So this will be the last of the series "Our red head goes on a journey......"

Meet Krobo Hene
Chief of the tribe of Krobo,
and "wealthy" landowner of the region who
donated the land for a new church building.

Here you can see the chief (under the back part of the umbrella)
flanked by his entourage as they are leaving the church building dedication ceremony.

The tribal chief (Krobo Hene) with the "Queen Mother".
This is not his wife nor his mother, but a woman in the political structure
that is entirely unfamiliar to me.
His position is similar to the mayor of an American city with higher heads of leadership
above him.
Those surrounding him here are "sub-chiefs."


The mission team in front of the chief's palace.

The chief's palace.

When I saw this picture and heard my daughter's stories of how the people of Ghana live,
I was reminded that here in America, we all live wealthy spoiled lives.
My home (which is very small by American standards) would be considered a PALACE to most people
living in third world countries.
So why does it even seem important to find the cutest thing on sale at Hobby Lobby to crown my mantel with for this autumn season?

What can I do for Jesus?
In a wealthy nation such as ours, where even those living in poverty here have so much more available to them than those living ordinary lives in Ghana, what should my responsibility be to promote the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
Am I living with an awareness that I did not have to be born in this country?
That I do not deserve the freedoms and opportunities that living here affords me.......
simply because I was BORN here?  I did not choose that.
How can I live a life of gratitude for the blessings I never earned and have an attitude
of continual contentment for what I do have?
To see that my cup overFLOWS and that I have so much to share.
So. much.
Especially the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ from a life of bondage.....
a life of no options......
a salvation that is free for the taking.

"By and by when on look on His face......
I'll wish I had given Christ more."

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Donna said...

Thanks for sharing all the posts on Lexi's mission trip. The pictures really do remind me to be so thankful for the life I live. I am so glad she had the opportunity to go. I know it is a trip she will never forget!