Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our red-head goes on a journey {part 4}

The trip was long and grueling.
8 hour flight from Dallas to London.
Layover in London.
6 hour flight from London to Accra, Ghana.
One night in an African hotel before an 8-hour bus ride to Techiman, Ghana.
We were relieved to learn that it was smooth and uneventful.
No one lost a single piece of luggage.

No one had gotten sick {yet.}
Everyone made it through every check point with every piece of documentation in place.

When Lexi and the rest of the team arrived at their final destination,
she found she would be staying with 3 other girls and one lady team member at a national pastor's home.
They were all so happy to get showers (cold showers felt great since they had no air conditioning),
and go to bed.
Sleeping was a bit of a challenge that first night with the 5-hour time difference from home,
only ceiling fans and no air conditioning, and the dogs sleeping on the front porch that would randomly
howl and fight through-out the night!
Then there was the Muslim call to prayer at 4 am that was broadcast throughout the village
via the megaphone like speakers mounted on poles.

In the morning, they lifted their eyes.....they looked on the "fields."
And they were really...truly white unto harvest.
{John 4:35}

In ways they had never seen before.

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