Monday, September 2, 2013

Our red-head goes on a journey {part 3}

**Continuing the series on our oldest daughter's amazing journey this summer.
We had a couple weeks worth of repairs done on our house in August, and 
then a special birthday to celebrate.
Trying to get caught up on all the journaling of all the grace.
Thank you for understanding.**

{Lexi with other girls on the team with Abby photobombing on the right!}

Send-off day finally arrived.
We had prepared for this day for nearly 10 months.
We had sent out 50 letters to family and friends asking for their prayer and financial support,
and the response had been overwhelming.
Some families sent $300, 
some $25,
some $100,
some $10,
one sent $500,
and all sent their prayers as well!
We could feel that on that day.
She was a bit anxious, but excited.
I was so very excited for her, but anxious.
I was not at all worried for her safety.....I can only attribute that to the peace of God that passeth all understanding.
But I was feeling emotional because I knew she was embarking on a journey that could possibly set the course of her destiny.
She has been telling us for awhile now that she thinks the Lord might be calling her to the mission field.
I was excited for her to get her feet wet in that ministry.
To see what missionary life is like......on a very short term, more controlled basis.
To see what it was like to live without air conditioning,
and limited food options,
and limited medical resources,
and physically taxing travel situations,
and limited communication with her family,
spiritual challenges,
as well as amazing spiritual victories!
I was excited for her to experience how thrilling it is to travel and see parts of the world we've only read about.
To see parts of the world that I've dreamed of seeing since I was 11 years old.
I felt like I sending her off on the adventure I always hoped to have,
and was praying that she would catch the importance of this journey.

{The whole crew saying goodbye...minus one wandering sister.}

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