Monday, April 8, 2013

Fun spring art!!

This adorable little art project is not original with me.
It was, indeed, a pinterest find.
But it looked like a winner to me, so my plan was to do this at our "Celebrate Spring" party.
I loved how easy it was for my little ones to do.

Let me just say though, not all soda bottles are created the same.
But don't just take my word for it.....

So here's my tip-of-the-day.....
This project works best with Diet 7-up or Seven-up bottles.
The pattern on the bottom of the bottles is flat so the paint sticks to the entire
flower pattern on the bottom.
If you look at the bottom of Coca-Cola bottles (or Dr.Pepper or Sprite), you'll notice
that the points of the flower patterns are raised and will take the paint
and not the entire flower pattern.
We used the smallest size 6-pack bottle available,
and were extremely happy with the results!
Happy painting!!

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