Monday, March 11, 2013

Been busy......

Oh man.....
I've fallen behind again.
Here it is the middle of March, and I totally have lost track of time here on this little space.
In some ways, many things have happened.
In other ways, I would have to say that things have been rather routine....which often puts me in a stalemate.
Is that the right word?
I get so caught up in the hum-drum of everyday life that I lose my motivation to do much of anything besides what is absolutely necessary to sustain life.
Just after my last post here, on the 11th of February, my husband and I were able to get away on a lovely couples retreat for Valentine's Weekend.
Haven't gotten that posted here yet.
I've scheduled myself for a little minor surgery in April to repair what I like to call "my sports injury."
My sport you ask?  Pregnancy and motherhood
My injury?  An inguinal hernia
More on that later.

Homeschooling has gone pretty well overall this year.
I need to post about my son who struggles with ADHD and attention difficulties and processing difficulties, and some amazing things God has done in his life and mine this year.
I need to update about my Type 1 Diabetic daughter who has been stressing me out with her lack of working together with us to keep her healthy.
Spring is creeping in quietly and beautifully and we are celebrating around here!
New recipes, crafts, spring decor, flower planting and more.
Finally, I want to share about the amazing experiences God has given me through the privilege of volunteering at a local women's homeless shelter over the last several months!
So much going on and so little time left over to journal it.
More coming this week......

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