Thursday, March 21, 2013

Abby's birthday celebration

Hoo boy!!
What craziness has been these last 7 days!!
Last week was spring break for all the schools in our area,
and our two oldest girls had been invited to go on vacation with friends to Hot Springs, AR.
Right smack in the middle of that week, our house got hit with a swift moving stomach virus.
It started Wednesday with our youngest son.
On Thursday evening, I got a call from my friend in Arkansas who had my two girls to let me know that Ashlyn, my Type 1 Diabetic, was throwing up.  She eventually ended up in the ER before it was all over, but that is another story to come.
I ended up staying up till 2 in the morning that Thursday evening to make sure Ashlyn was fine and my friend had all the information she needed to get her discharged.
By the time Friday evening rolled around, I was exhausted because that had been my grocery shopping day, I was planning for Abby's birthday the next day, my two oldest got home that afternoon and I was pretty emotional, and I was already running on limited sleep.
I was so looking forward to a full night's sleep when our oldest son woke me up at 3 am to tell me he was going to throw up.
Which he did.
Twice an hour for the next four hours.
I never was able to go back to sleep, so I just started my day at about 6 am.
Saturday, the 16th, was our 3rd daughter's birthday, and several times she had reminded me that she wanted "donut store donuts" for her breakfast.
So I just made an early run for donuts.
I had so wanted to do some fun things for her on that day, but with a sick child needing my comfort, two exhausted ones recovering from a long trip, and other pre-scheduled activities that day, we just hung around the house.
I wish it could've been a little different day for her, but it was what it was.

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