Friday, December 28, 2012

December Recap

What a busy, busy, busy month this has been!
So busy, in fact, that I just struggled to keep up with everything.
Several things fell through the cracks:
1. The Laundry
2.  Eating healthy and walking regularly
3.  Managing our Type 1 Diabetic's blood sugars well
4.  My blog
I'm already getting plans in place to get back on track with all of these things!!
The laundry issue will prove to be more of a struggle though as my dryer decided to completely "give-up-the-ghost" two days before Christmas.  Grrrr.....

Instead of trying to journal with words all that we enjoyed throughout the Christmas season, I've chosen to use pictures to chronicle our December.
Lots of pictures ahead....

Every year we go to a wonderful "living nativity" called "Bethlehem Revisited."
This year some very dear friends went with us!!  Twice the blessing!!

Christmas Parade 2012

Our Abby is on the right and sings the second verse of this pretty Christmas piece
during the Junior Choir Christmas program at our church.

This year, I had the awesome (frightening) opportunity to direct the drama for our church's
Christmas program.  My husband has always been involved in the choir.
This is from the adult choir Christmas celebration after the Cantata.
Our church family is such a gift to us!

Click on this picture above to see a better view of the lovely, large Nativity scene they had on the upper balcony.

We added something new this year to our family Christmas traditions that was just so much fun.
After all the parties were over, the Christmas programs were done, the rush was past.....
 one evening late in the month,
we loaded everyone in our giant van, turned on the Christmas music, and drove
to the fancy part of Dallas where all the big houses are professionally decorated.
It was such fun to hear all the "ooh's and ahh's" from the children
as we saw how differently and beautifully each home was lit up!
Then we treated everyone to some McDonald's french fries as we continued to enjoy
watching the scenes of Christmas in a big city!
What a lovely time of simply enjoying each other's company during the holiday season!

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