Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas recap

What a sweet day we had together on Christmas Day this year!
I don't know if it was because the rest of the month seemed so busy (and full of hard work)
and we were finally able to relax and just enjoy everything,
or because Christmas has always been full of delightful surprises!
The biggest surprise??
We woke up to crashing thunder and lightening with pouring rain,
and by the end of the day, we had two or more inches of thick, fluffy SNOW!!
What a special, memorable gift for those of us in Texas!

On Christmas Eve, we always order Chinese food for dinner,
and this year we played "Christmas Bingo" after we ate.
To cap off this fun evening, we opened our first family gift
and watched the movie "Soul Surfer."

The snow had been falling for a couple of hours when it was time to load everyone up and head to the north side of town for an evening of  fun and fellowship at our very long-time friends' home.
My husband decided it would be safer to take our little two-door, front-wheel drive Honda,
but that required two trips for 9 people and tons of food.
What fun it was to spend the rest of the evening with all of our favorite people!

One of our favorite things this year was watching this little 6-year-old work for a several months to earn this bike.  He had asked to do chores for us, and even went and did chores for a couple in our church
to earn money.  He carried the money he earned in his pocket every day with this goal in mind.
With money he received for Christmas, he was finally able to go with his dad
and buy his own bike!!

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas this year and were able to share the love and grace of Jesus
with those you surrounded yourself with!!

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