Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Gift (Series Finale!!)......Betsy Ross House

What fun my cousin and sister and I were having on our walking tour of historic downtown Philadelphia!!
We had experienced so many things and were about ready to head back
to where we had started to grab some dinner before jumping on the train back to our hotel.
But there was just one more thing I HAD to see.
It was just 2 more blocks from Ben Franklin's grave!

In a unit study of 18th century history I did with my children, we touched on the amazing Betsy Ross.
What an inspiration this lady is to me.
She was married 3 times (all of whom she outlived)
and had 7 girls between the last two husbands.
She was a fantastic textile artist and entrepreneur who talked George Washington into a better design
for our first American Flag!!!
She was a lady of faith (Free Quaker) who supported our new country's fight for freedom!!  
I loved seeing this place!

Her grave site (and that of her final husband) are right there in the courtyard
of her home.

This building is directly across the street from the Betsy Ross home and I loved
their patriotic spirit.  
Can you see the rows of flags hung in each window?

After spending a few minutes here, we all agreed that we were wiped out!
We tried catching a cab (epic fail!), but ended up riding the bus (best 2 bucks of the whole day)
right back to the front door of the Reading Terminal Market.

While in Philadelphia, you must try a hoagie.
Some people think that it's just a Philly version of a sub sandwich.
But true Philadelphians (and Bill Cosby!) know different.
There is just something about the crustiness of the bread and how much
oil or sauce is put on it to make it juicy and oh, so heavenly.
So that's what my sister and I split at the hoagie counter there.
OR, you could go for what my cousin ate.....

Philly Cheesesteak..Baby!!

Thank you, Philadelphia, for your wonderful hospitality,
careful preservation of American history,
and loads of fun!!

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