Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Gift (Part 3)......Independence Hall & Ben Franklin

Just behind the Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia is Independence Hall.
It's right there.
You can't miss it.
You have to see it if you go to see the Liberty Bell!

(Can you see that statue of George Washington right in front of that white door?
Yeah, interesting story to come about that.)

The Old City Hall building is attached to the Independence Hall to the left.
Inside here we see where the Supreme Court met as our country was just setting up its laws.

So right about here on our tour, I began to experience some excruciating pain.
I recognized it right away.
My stupid hernia started acting up.
Right HERE!!
I was pretty annoyed that it would choose this moment to rear it's ugly head,
but I chalked it up to the long walk I had to take lugging my heavy bags just before my flight 
two days previous.
That's how this thing works for me.
Do something weird, but I don't feel the consequences for 2 or 3 days.
I don't get that.
Anyway, the only thing I could think of to do right there in front of Independence Hall was find someplace to lay down.
So, I had to fess up to my walking buddies, and they very graciously helped me find a place
to lay down on a bench.
Almost immediately, we heard the loud sirens of an emergency vehicle so we started to look around for what was going on.
Can you see the blue and red lights on that black car in the picture below?
It was some kind of unmarked police vehicle.
It pulls up right in front of Independence Hall along with a large white van 
and another vehicle behind it.
Out popped what looked like security guards to me, and
I was waiting for Mitt Romney to step out of that vehicle.
We never did see who these important people were
but they crowded around the statue of George Washington for a picture and left soon after.

After about 30 minutes of laying on that bench in the cold wind,
I started feeling much better.
Some cute little birds were flitting quite close to us, so I started throwing out some crushed
crackers and banana chips.
They just swarmed that stuff and we had the best time laughing at them.

It was time to move on, and just a couple blocks up 5th Street we found
the Free Quaker Meeting House.

(This man was playing the part of a Quaker in 1843, so he asked that we follow the protocol of photography
from that time smiling!)

Right across the street from this site was the burial place of

Random bust of Ben Franklin.
He is everywhere in Philadelphia.
Quite surreal standing right at the spot where such a colorful and important character
in the history of our country was laid to rest.
It's quite profound to walk where this man presumably walked during some of his most influential and 
inventive times of life!

**Join me tomorrow for the final leg of our walking tour**

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