Saturday, November 10, 2012

Another gift (Part 2).....Seeing the Liberty Bell

After spending time exploring the Reading Terminal Market, we decided to head out to revisit the Liberty Bell.
We walked the 6 blocks to Market and 6th street, and saw some amazing sites along the way.

I zoomed in on this statue of William Penn standing atop the Philadelphia City Hall.  
My cousin told me that the year the Philadelphia Phillies were in the World Series, some crazy person got the job of getting up there and putting a Phillies jersey on this statue!!
You can't say the people of Philly don't love their teams!!

I really wanted to take one of these tours, but I couldn't talk any of my walking buddies into this!

Cllick on the picture below to zoom in better.  Here you are at the corner of Market and 6th and can see the doomed top of Independence Hall just behind the street light.  The Liberty Bell site is just in front of that under the shelter.

This was difficult to figure out.  The signage around it was very obscure, and I ended up asking the local police officer standing there what we were looking at.
I figured it was "The foundation of America,"
but in reality it was the foundation of the first President's house.

Lots of things to read around this area, but this was one of the most profound to me.
Click on it to be able to read it better.

Lots of history in this area about slavery and the road to freedom in Philadelphia.

After waiting in a lengthy line which involved some security checks,
we made it in.
When I was a little girl in the 70's and early 80's, I remember the Liberty Bell being in an open air shelter.
Not so anymore.
It has been moved inside and you can't touch it anymore.

Lots of tourists.  This group of Asian tourists were very enthusiastic about seeing
The Liberty Bell.

**More about Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross to come soon!**

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