Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Women's Wellness Wednesdays: What are YOU craving today?

I remember those evenings, when all the children were finally in bed, my husband was working the night shift so he was not home, and I was sitting on my couch in front of my TV.....exhausted.
It would hit me.
A bowl of ice cream sounds really nice right now!!
Or, how about that bag of pretzels?
Gonna wash it down with a Diet Root Beer.

When I changed up my diet over a year ago, I noticed something remarkable.
I gradually stopped craving sweets.
Sweets like anything chocolate, breads (which are almost all carbohydrate and are changed into sugar in your body for energy), diet soda, juices, cookies, desserts, etc.
I cut out desserts and sweet treats and ice cream and dairy, and I noticed that I didn't think about those kinds of foods, didn't have the afternoon crashes of energy, and pretty soon could walk past the dessert table at church functions without even thinking about it.

Recently, I came across some really helpful information:

(click on the above image to see it larger)

We were indeed designed by God to crave things.
But I don't believe it was his intention that we crave food.
When we CRAVE something to eat, there is usually something off balance in our body.
Cravings are an internal mechanism wired into our bodies to alert us to something necessary that we are missing.
God intended that we crave HIM.
Lysa Terkeurst, in her book Made to Crave, said:

"Yes, we were made to crave - long for, want greatly, desire eagerly, and beg for - God.
Only God.
But Satan wants to do everything possible to replace our craving for God with something else.
Here's what the Bible says about this:
'Do not love the world or anything in the world.  
If anyone loves the world - the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes
and the boasting of what he has and does - comes not from the Father
but from the world.  1 John 2:12-16'"

What a revelation for me to realize that the Devil uses our physical cravings to distract us from the One true source of all I need.
My sense of comfort, my desire to "reward" myself,  my lonliness, or boredom, or frustration.....all should be taken to the Lord.
I should be looking to Him to meet those needs in my life!

Another helpful article on physical cravings and the source of those can be found here:

When I walked away from those sweets and dairy products, I had to replace it with something else.
Something healthy, nutritious, better balanced.
And guess what?!
Those are the things I still look forward to and.....crave, if you will

In her book, Lysa also said:
"Cravings.  Are they a curse or a blessing?
The answer to that depends on what we're craving.  
And what we're craving will always depend on whatever we're consuming......
the object of our desire or
 God and his truth."

What are you craving today?
Mashed potatoes with gravy?
Macaroni and cheese?
Ice cream?
Chocolate chip cookies?
Chocolate chips?

Are you REALLY hungry,
or do you eat an unhealthy amount of those things causing an imbalance in nutrients and minerals
in your body that keep you satisfied and full of energy all day?

Or do you.....
"....As newborn babes, desire (crave) the sincere word of God
that you may grow thereby..."
1 Peter 2:2


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Cynthia said...

Reading through that book now. Found it at Ollie's (like a big lots) for about 3.99. Got the devotional book for free on amazon for one of their free e-book deals.