Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Terrific Tuesday! Texas State Fair 2012

We have to be really creative and do a lot of planning when it comes to fun family outings on a budget.
One way I have found to be so helpful is to just start looking around early for great deals.
The Texas State Fair is an amazing event to participate in, but it's not cheap.
You could so easily drop $1000 or more in a day there on just admission, rides, fair food, and the purchase of one Vitamix offered at a "Special Fair Price" of only $449!"

Fortunately for those of us with large families, there are Canned Food Drive Wednesdays!
Bring in 3 cans of food per person and admission is only $2 per person.
We happened to snag 5 free tickets from a couple different sources, so our total cost on admission was only $6 for 9 of us (a savings of over $100 on the price of regular admission!)

We carried our lunch and snacks in and prepped the children that we wouldn't be buying the overly priced fair food.  I bought a ton of prepackaged junk food that we don't normally buy so it would all be a big treat for them.  I ended up with FIFTY little snack bags and 15 sandwiches.  We brought home 5 sandwiches.
We also carried in drinks as well.

My mother-in-law was able to go with us this year (since she just retired a couple weeks ago!!), and she gave each of the children $5 spending money.  I saw that either go towards french fries or pooled together for one ride.
I always plan out the free shows we want to see so we are in the right place at the right time.
It's always a bummer when you want to see the dogs perform at 11am, but you're way on the other side of the park!!
The weather was beautiful, and we all had such a great time this year!!

Waiting to see the dog tricks!! 

Displays in the Creative Arts Building

Couldn't believe I was seeing this beautiful "Mrs. Beasley" Doll. 
 I loved mine to her death! 

This beautiful doll was AH-mazing!! 

Another really fun show!

 We were waiting for a trained bird to fly out of the car at the very top of the ferris wheel to soar down to the stage here.

This was a person wearing this spectacular tree costume.
He had lots of fun scaring people!

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