Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Camp 2012

When I discovered that my 8-year old had lice, 5 days before we were scheduled to drive 4 hours away to summer church camp, I wasn't sure that the camp would even let us come.
Lice is never a welcome visitor at an overnight church camp.....never.
So on that Wednesday night, I was just overwhelmed with all the work we were going to have to cram into the next 72 hours just to make this trip a possibility.

My husband assured me not to cancel everything as we still had time to make it happen.
No one that I talked to seemed to think it was an impossible task, and my children had been looking forward to it all year.
We had worked through the summer to earn some money (though candy sales were dismal this year surprisingly), my husband had taken a week of vacation to stay with our other 3 children, so I felt I just couldn't throw my hands into the air and give-up without a fight.
And lots of prayer!

I didn't try calling the camp on Friday because I knew it would be hard to reach anyone while they had a camp going on.  So I tried to reach someone on Saturday.  Couldn't get an answer.
I tried a couple times.
I called our youth pastor later that day to let him know what had been going on and he suggested that I try e-mailing the camp nurse.  Which I did.
By Sunday, I still hadn't heard anything.
I mentioned this to our youth pastor again, and he said that if I couldn't find anything on any of the three children going (and myself!) that we would go on (it wasn't our fault they weren't answering their phones.)
Sunday afternoon we were pretty much packed to go.....just a couple things left to launder and children's heads to shampoo with tea tree oil shampoo.......but a storm came through.
It knocked our power out.
This was at about 3:30 pm.
We went on to church and I was so thankful for a nice air conditioned building to go to that evening.

(I snapped this picture on the way home from church that night.  I think it was a secret message from the Lord....a teaser, if you remind me at that moment that He keeps His promises and is still here in control of things...especially in light of what we still had to face in the next 24 hours!)

When we arrived home, around 8:30 pm, we still had no power.
And it was starting to get dark, and we realized we had no matches....or batteries.
So we quick packed everyone back up into the van and scooted to my mother-in-laws home where we showered everyone, and did a quick bit of laundry!!
Thankfully, we got text messages from neighbors that our power did come back on around 10:30 so we were able to get everyone to bed at a pretty decent time and sleep comfortably.

In the morning, we scrambled around and had just about gotten everything loaded up when my phone rang.
5 minutes before we needed to leave for the church.
It was the camp.

There was a new nurse this year, and she had only just gotten the email that I had sent to the other girl.
She began quizzing me on who had had the lice and what we had done to treat it.
Who had been treated?
How many times?
What else did you do?
How long since you've found any nits?
"I'll have to consult with the other nurses and call you back because it all depends on how long you've been nit-free and I forget how long that is."
5 minutes before we need to leave.
I was NOT a happy camper (no pun intended).

Thankfully, she did call back within a few minutes and said that we could come, but that they would have to check all 4 of us and that if a nit was found that person could not stay.
Fair enough.....but no pressure there!!

I was pretty emotional about that and was a nervous/anxious wreck.
What if I had missed one?
It's incredibly difficult to see those nasty nits and nearly impossible to get them all out on the first pass.
I'd found a stray one on our youngest on Saturday!!
I checked those of us going again in the van on the way, but saw nothing.

As we traveled those 4 hours to the camp, I tried not to dwell on the "what-ifs."
A very dear, sweet friend had hugged me at the church as I started to crack a little bit, and said,
"You've done your best and have to leave it up to God."
I tried to focus on the fact that God had amazingly provided all the funds for 3 children to get to camp, and even though it had been a nightmare to get here.....we were on our way!!

When we arrived, we went straight to registration where the nurse was waiting.
My children had run on ahead of me, and by the time I got there, both my girls had already gotten the all clear!!
My son had never had them so I knew that he was fine!
I was worried about myself though as I had been itching like crazy all weekend.
My husband and daughter had checked and checked and assured me that there was nothing,
but I was worried they didn't know what to look for and I was the one who would have to go home.
All clear.
(I really think using that tea tree oil shampoo every day had dried my scalp out!)

Anyway, we were IN, and I could finally relax!!
What a week!!

(Can you see Abby in the middle of the picture...loving her very first group game ever at summer camp!)

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