Monday, August 13, 2012

Art Camp 2012

The final week of July, which was the week following our week at summer church camp, five of our children had the opportunity to attend a local art camp!!
This was the third year for my oldest daughter, and the very first for our youngest son.
We were so extremely blessed to have this opportunity as we would not have been able to afford sending 5 children.
But this camp, which is at a local Art Gallery/School just minutes from our house, offers scholarships for these camps.
As I always have, I applied and this year we received a scholarship that paid half of the total cost for all 5 children!!
My girls LOVED it.....the boys...not so much.
It's great for all's just not necessarily my boys favorite thing.
The boys did what they were supposed to, but it was hard for them to do that kind of thing for 3 hours.
The girls really loved it, and I really liked the variety of art mediums they had the opportunity to experiment with.
Something the girls will definitely want to do again next summer, but we'll see the level of interest the boy's will have by then.

This piece was Ashlyn's clay landscape that she painted with water colors after it was fired.

This is an example of the glass mosiacs the older girls made.

Here is an example of the printing the older girls learned how to do with ink.

The older girls also got to play around with the pottery wheel and make these cool designs with either marker, pastels, or paint.

The younger children (10 and under) did lots of drawing and painting.
Here is Abby's flower she painted with water colors.

The youngest 3 also made "bugs" that we have happily hung in the boys room!

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