Monday, August 6, 2012

An Unexpected Gift....Philadelphia (Series Finale!)

"Does Jesus care when I've said 'goodbye'
To the dearest on earth to me,
And my sad heart aches till it nearly breaks-
Is it aught to Him?  Does He care?

Oh, yes, He cares, I know He cares,
His heart is touched with my grief;
When the days are weary, the long nights dreary,
I know my Savior cares.

I have to admit that I was dreading Wednesday morning and having to say goodbye!
What an indescribable gift this entire trip had been for me!
At the beginning of this year, I had no idea I would have an opportunity like this.
I had no idea we would almost lose my sweet grandmother.
I had no idea how the Lord would bless this entire thing and effortlessly provide the funds, the child care, the lodging, the friends, the health!
I didn't want to say goodbye to such an amazing experience, but more importantly, to my grandmother.
Thinking realistically, (which is a bad habit I've acquired over the years and been accused of being pessimistic because of!) I knew the odds were high that this might be the last time I had the opportunity to speak with her face-to-face.

I was so glad to see she had been reading her Bible when I arrived that morning.
I asked her if she had a favorite passage of Scripture, but she was a bit vague about that.
So I asked if I could read one of my favorite passages....Psalm 55.
We shared some thoughts back and forth about that, and then I asked her if she had a favorite hymn.
Immediately she responded, "Out of the Ivory Palaces."
I tried to play a version of George Beverly Shea singing that piece on YouTube, but I had trouble with my phone's connection in her room.
Anyway, what sweet conversation we had until an aide came to take her for her therapy.
The lady snapped this picture for us.

You can't really tell that my heart was breaking at this moment.
Only after she was whisked away did the tears begin to flow.
What a blessed girl I am!!

Thank you, Grandma, for always being an example to me of sweetness even in the difficult places of life! 
Thank you for teaching me what a giving spirit looks like.
Thank you for never giving up!
Thank you for being so practical and willing to share your wisdom and experience with those coming up behind you!  
Thank for seeing the humor in silly situations!
Thank you for teaching me how to love the life God has given me to the fullest!
Thank you for loving your nursing career and being the best at it you could be!
Thank you for faithfully loving your church, and attending the same church for more than 5 decades, and for taking my mother and her sisters with you every week.
Thank you for being a prayer warrior.....for praying for me every day.....for being famous in your church as a prayer warrior!
Thank you for remaining faithful to your husband, who often was not an easy man to love, and ultimately seeing him come to know Jesus Christ as His Savior much later in life because of your "chaste and respectful behavior."  I Peter 3:2
You are my hero!
I love you, Grandma!
"Parting is such sweet sorrow!"

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