Thursday, August 2, 2012

An unexpected gift......Philadelphia (Part 6)

I discovered that I had to plan my time around some of the things that my grandmother had going there while in "rehab" at this nursing home facility.
Her meals were scheduled at the same time every day and she needed a full hour for each mealtime.
I got the impression she preferred I not go with her (I think because they had assigned seats and there were other folks at her table, etc.)
She also had occupational and physical therapy every day that lasted for an hour as well.
But she never knew exactly what time that would be.
The therapist would just show up at her door unannounced and whisk her off.
So during those hours I had a little time to kill.
Not being terribly familiar with that area and after making several mistakes getting places, I didn't wander too far.
But I did do some shopping and picked up a couple things you just can't do without while in the Philadelphia area:

One of my personal favorites!!

I actually did not eat out that much. 
 I really wanted to stick with eating a healthier, more plant-based diet.....
yes, even on a little vacation......
because I just didn't want to feel bad.
I wanted to have the energy I needed for all the back and forth, and for when I got back home.
But, I did so want an authentic Philadelphia hoagie, and I snagged one for lunch after church on Sunday!!

I did find this place just down the road and around the corner from the nursing home,
so I did get some meals from here that I could warm up back in my grandmother's kitchen.
It was fun snooping around the natural products available on the east coast that we don't see in Texas!

Yes, YES!!
I did treat myself one afternoon to something I NEVER get to do at home!

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