Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An unexpected gift......Philadelphia (Part 5)

One of my favorite memories of visiting my grandmother and grandfather as I was growing up was playing Scrabble with them.
So you better believe I asked her if she was up to a game or two while I was there.
To my delight, she eagerly agreed.
I hunted down her game and we set up the board for our first go round on Sunday afternoon.

She beat me.
Yes, she did.
Fair and square.
It was her 66 point word that did me in......"quiz" on a triple word square!!
We played another game the following afternoon.
It was hilarious because that second game went a little long and she kept drifting off to sleep.
I would notice while I was studying my tiles and trying to figure out my next move that she would get really still and quiet.
There she was slowly wilting over.
I tried hinting that we could pick the game up later that evening, but she was determined to finish.
She tied "half her brain behind her back" and let me win! 

How much fun was it to snoop around that old Scrabble box and see all my grandfather's hand written notes and high scores recorded from years and years ago!!

Do you have a favorite memory of visiting with your grandparent's when you were growing up?

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