Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vacation Bible School!!

Oh my.
This summer has just shifted into turbo speed, and I'm hanging on for dear life!!
Seriously, it has been like a tsunami and I tried so hard to carefully plan so it wouldn't become like that.
Because of this, I've had to let the non-essentials go lately, and my blog falls into that category.
Over the next week or so though, I'm going to try to put the brakes on this ride and get caught up.
Please, patience....grace?

Just after I left off posting, we stepped off into our final week of VBS for the our church.
I had the delightful opportunity of directing and coordinating the drama every morning.
It was SO. much. work!
It took SO. much. time!
But it was SO worth it.
Our oldest daughter had her stage debut and had the part of the ditzy girl.
She really enjoyed learning what it takes to act and pull together a daily skit that can be used of God
to share the gospel with children!!

(I tried to include a picture of each of my children enjoying their time,
and this picture is of the puppets that Ashlyn participated in during song time.)

*I did not get a picture of Aryn because every time she saw me, she would cry.

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