Saturday, July 28, 2012

An unexpected gift.....Philadelphia (Part 2)

I was so excited to get there that I was totally not bothered that my seat was on the very last row, at the very back of the plane......right up against the bathrooms.
I was so giddy that I found it funny that about an hour and a half into this three-hour flight there was a line down the aisle to get into said bathrooms.
And that after awhile a certain odor puffed out the doors when someone would try to leave the bathroom unnoticed!
While we all were boarding this plane, a very nice lady stood in front of me with 3 or 4 middle-school-age boys.
She commented on how put together I looked.
"Put together?" I thought.
I felt it necessary to clear up her false idea of me, so I told her this was a treat for me, and that I'm usually very disheveled with all I have going on with my 6 children still at home.
She was curious about their ages, but more curious about who was taking care of them.
As she found her seat closer to the front of the plane, I mentioned to her that I had friends who had graciously agreed to care for my children that day, and that my husband would be with them the following 4 days.
"That is really special," she said.
"Some husbands would never do something like that.  My husband never would want to do that."
I smiled as I continued the walk to my seat WAAAAAY in the back.
I was thinking about what a wonderful man I married, and that he truly does love to stay home surrounded by his children, and my heart was swelling.
Later, as we were waiting for take-off, this lady came to the back of the plane and stood by my seat.
"You must have some really nice friends?  A good support group? I moved here from Philadelphia several years ago to the White Rock Area," she said, "I learned something about living in a neighborhood that has some money.  Nobody helps each other {with their children.}"
Again, I felt it necessary to clear up any false impression she may have had of me.
"Then clearly you can see that I don't come from a neighborhood that has money,"  I laughed.
She smiled and continued, "If you ask for help, they can refer you to a nanny.  'Here's a number to this service, give them a call.'  Nobody helps each other out.  It's just really nice that you have so many people to  help you."
At that moment, she got up and went back to her seat.
And my heart soared into the clouds with how blessed I am.

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