Tuesday, June 12, 2012

T1 Tuesdays: Death of a dream......so long Dexcom!

**WARNING:  This post is strictly a venting session!  I'm just clearing my mind.  Maybe as a little therapy, maybe to bring awareness to the struggles of families trying to give the best care they can to a child with Type 1 Diabetes, but certainly not to be a piece full of edification and joy.  Just FYI....in case you get bored easily. 

Maybe you remember last summer.......
our Type 1 Diabetic daughter went to summer church camp.....
without a parent along.....
and had a nearly catastrophic diabetic event!
(Stupid I know!!!  Please don't beat me up about this as I've already done it myself!
I promise.....it will NEVER happen again!)
If you're interested in reading the whole story.....you can find it here.
After that whole fiasco, my husband and I decided that we NEEDED to get her
a continuous glucose monitoring system.
The only one really available to us was the "Dexcom" brand.
If you are unfamiliar with this technology, click on that name and go check it out.
It is, bar none, the single most fantastic tool available for diabetics and their caregivers!
I feel it is life saving and should be in the hands of everyone who wants to learn how
to use the information!
So I pursued it.
Read about that process here.
In the end, we felt enormously blessed to have gotten into this device and loved what it did for us.
Read about our excitement here.
We never had a moment's trouble with this.
It worked like a charm.
So when it came time to order more sensors (a monthly prescription),
we were told some gut wrenching news.
Read about that here.
Basically we were told that at the beginning of this calendar year, our deductible had reset and we would have to pay yet another $2000 after already paying $2000 just the previous August, to get the sensors she needed at the covered price.
The out-of-pocket until we could meet that deductible would be $280 for 4 sensors (one month's supply).
That is just out-of-the-question for a family of 8 living only on a policeman's salary!
So we shelved it......praying that our city would change insurance companies yet again come June 1.
And they DID!!
Imagine my excitement....and hope.
But I've since found out that not only is the coverage nearly identical....but in some cases is more expensive......especially when it comes to covering the supplies for a Dexcom.
Going through a supplier that takes our new insurance....the sensors would cost nearly $400 for a month's supply until we could meet the $2000 deductible......though "only" $280 if purchased directly from Dexcom.....go figure.
So after this news, I decided I might as well sell it and get some money out of the thing......since we will obviously never be able to use this device in any sort of long term manner.
I listed it on a Facebook page for those needing diabetic supplies and for trading supplies.
All sorts of things started coming up about the legality of selling a prescription device.
Problems with insurance fraud and getting sensors for a device that has a serial number tied to another person and blah.....blah......blah.....
It's all so mind-numbing........I don't think I care anymore.
To think that something like this is being offered.......something that could save my daughter's LIFE......
yet you have to be independently wealthy to afford one.
I'm not trying to get an I-pod, or a DS, or an I-pad for my daughter.
I don't feel that because my husband actually HAS a job.....and WORKS it.....
and has employer provided insurance......
and that we have chosen to raise 6 children on his income alone.......
without government aide.....
that we are entitled to every little thing our society has to offer to make us happy and healthy.
I'm just flabbergasted that there are so many loopholes to getting what a chronically ill child needs for the best quality of life they can possibly have.......
and that we fit into every. single. one. of them!
Believe me, I know.  I'm not exaggerating.
I've made at least a dozen calls to different places trying to find someone or something that could change this situation for us, and no. thing is available for a family such as ours with private insurance.
I can see why people on government assistance have no motivation to get off.
At least you get what you need for your children......plus lots of other programs to help you!!
Anyway.......I have to walk away.
It's done.
Our Dexcom is a thing of the past.
It will now be sitting on a shelf in the back of a closet until I'm 95 and someone has to clean it out and finds it.
I can't look at it anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I came across your blog in doing some research on dexcom. We just ordered ours. I am a firefighter and we raise our family on my salary so I feel you pain. At first I was told that my insurance would not cover this and we gave up after a few appeals. Then our of the blue dexcom called me and told me that they could get it covered under my pharmacy benefits. It was $50 for startup kit and $50 a month for the probes. Have you tried going that avenue???