Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Women's Wellness Wednesday: Are you getting enough Vitamin D?

For over a year now, I've been hearing and reading more and more about the importance of Vitamin D!

And how so many Americans are deficient in it.
And it has some pretty traumatic results when you are deficient.
That would be easily mistaken as something else, or even treated with medication as something else.

Some of the issues that I've been struggling with personally that have prompted me to study this more and to increase my own intake of Vitamin D are these:

Depression (big issue at cycle time!!)
Immune function
Thyroid problems
Weight loss

There are several other health concerns connected to Vitamin D deficiency as well.
Did you know that your doctor can ask for a simple blood test to determine whether or not you are deficient in this?
Did you know that more often than not, when a doctor checks for this, his patient is indeed deficient.
Last week, I went to see a new doctor who I'm praying can help me find the answers to some of the hormonal imbalances I've been miserable with for quite a long time.
He drew blood checking some different levels.....including Vitamin D3.

Read this for some really remarkable information on this subject:

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