Saturday, May 5, 2012

What else we've been up to.....a gallery of fun pictures..

So we've been up to some fun things around here besides just doctor visits
and cooking.......

Here we all are standing in this amazing walk through covered with hand-made origami swans.
The museum held a contest in which the lady that made the largest number of these swans by hand 
(using a pre-made kit that they picked up at the Museum)
would win the use of the museum and it's facilities for her wedding venue.
The winner made 3000!!

I was given the wonderful opportunity of directing this year's little drama for our church's
annual "Mother/Daughter Banquet," and this is what our set looked like once we put everything in place.
The title was "Grandma Harvey's Pies."

Grandma Brough and her clone!

Recently, our local zoo opened a brand new exhibit of
Australian animals.
Because we have a lovely membership,
we decided to go check it out.

This little koala was absolutely adorable!!

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