Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Fabulous Family Recipe: "Healthy" Chocolate Frosting

We have our last birthday of the season coming up in about 3 weeks.
Since moving toward a more vegetarian/vegan diet, I have not come up with a delicious
alternative to the traditional boxed or heavily sugared homemade cupcake and frosting combo.
So when I saw this......

**Katie's Photo from Chocolate Covered Katie

.......I just knew I would have to try it!!

It's so super easy to make it's almost ridiculous that we don't already KNOW how to do this.
It just takes a can of coconut (and let me tell ya.....not all coconut milk is created alike!!)
some cocoa powder, a smidge of vanilla, and a sweetener of your choice to your taste.

I tried making a batch from each of these cans just to see what the difference would be.
The can on the left (the generic, runny, store brand) made a voluminous amount of frosting,
but it had more of the consistency of say.....chocolate mousse!
It was doubt about it.....but it did not hold its shape once piped onto
my mini-cupcake bites.
(See photo below)

The batch I made with the "Thai Kitchen" brand was much firmer and more frosting like.
(See the difference below?)

When I took both cans out of the refrigerator this morning,
the generic brand was still quite jiggly and did not separate from the liquid.
The "Thai Kitchen" brand was nearly hard and I had to scoop it out of the can.
But, after separating from the liquid, I got only about 2/3 of a can of firm coconut milk,
so the batch made only about 1/2 as much as the fluffier version made with the generic brand.

I did end up using about 5 TABLESPOONS of Xylitol to get the frosting as sweet as we like it.
But that way it has hardly any carbohydrates per serving.
Super yummy...and it was even better when I put the frosted little gems in the FREEZER!!

For this delicious recipe...go here!

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