Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Several years ago I contacted our local newspaper about telling the story of how my husband and I met.
That was such a special time in our lives, and I was hoping for some way of preserving that memory for my children.
If you are interested, you can read that story here:

In other news.....we're having fun at our house today.
My children would like to take the day off of schoolwork, but we really have to do at least 1 or 2 subjects.
No biggie.
But we are enjoying things like these today:

I made some of this yesterday for a fun snack today:

I can't help think on this lovely day of a definition of "love" that I heard recently on our local radio station.
I believe it was spoken by a pastor named Chip Ingram.
He defined love this way:   "Giving what they need the most when they deserve it the least."
And doesn't that exactly picture what God did for us?
He saw our need of salvation...restoration to fellowship with Him.
And when we least deserved it....He provided the ultimate free gift of salvation by His death on that terrible cross.
He manifested His love for us in a way that we, as mere mortals, could best understand it.
By pulling on skin, coming to earth in bodily form, and paying the price {the wage, if you will} for our filthy, vile sin nature.  Our terribly poor choices......that produced separation from our Holy, Pure Creator.
Have you received that free gift?

"For God so loved....that He gave..."  John 3:16
"God is love."  I John 4:8

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