Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday's Fabulous Family Recipe: Deep Dish Cookie Pie

Oh. my. GOODness!!
When I first saw a picture of this deliciousness....I knew I had to try it!
It was, and still is....AH. mazing!!
Totally gluten {flour of any kind} free and dairy free.
Now as a is not sugar free.
But you sort of need the sugar {and chocolate} to cover up the flavor of its main ingredient.
You won't believe what the main ingredient is!
You must try this.....and you'll be ever so glad you did.

I didn't get a lovely picture of this once I cut it.
I didn't have time.
It was inhaled by the other 7 members of my family!!

This picture is from Katie, who's blog I adore, and who invented this amazingness.
To see the recipe and to enjoy with all those you here!!

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