Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Canon of Praise

For months now, our middle children have been preparing and training for regional competition with our church's Master Club group.
We just LOVE Master Clubs.
For years, our church had an AWANA program for elementary age children,
but decided to switch to the Master Club program about 4 or 5 years ago.
I really like it so much better.
It gives them so many, many opportunities to have hands-on training for future ministry.
This last weekend was the regional competition in many categories, and Sunday Evening
the put on a sort of "exhibition" of all the things they competed in.
What a blessing to watch and hear our children lift their voices in song, and Bible storytelling, and Scripture memory, etc.
Here is the trio Ashlyn took part in.  She is smack in the middle right in front singing alto.

And here is the children's ensemble singing "Canon of Praise."
Again, Ashlyn is smack in the middle, right on the front row.

To God be the glory!!!

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