Thursday, January 19, 2012

{You CAN} Teach Your Child Thursdays!

After homeschooling for a number of years now, I've finally started to see a pattern emerge.
In August/September, schoolwork is new, and fun, and exciting.

By December, we're all into a pretty good routine, but definitely ready for a nice long winter break.
After the holidays are over and we slide back into our routines, sometimes we're dealing with major cabin fever because of the wintry weather, and often are dealing with sickness.

By end of January/February, we start to feel like our routines are cumbersome, and the children get uncooperative and lose interest.
It's hard to want to stay with everything when the end of our school year seems so far away, yet we still have so much to do!!
I recently found an article that was really practical and helpful in combating those difficult stages of the year:

I completely agree that you need to be prepared and organized.
I also am a huge fan of the workbox system. 
We use it in our homeschooling, and it has revolutionized our home!!
I also agree that making quiet time for yourself is a must!!
I get up earlier now than I ever did before because it's the only time I can have quiet time to focus
on the Lord and His Word for more than 5 minute spurts!!
It gets my day started much gentler and more grounded, and reminds me right from the start that God is bigger than anything I may face that day!!
I am also a huge fan of an organized way to make your grocery lists and meal plans so you don't have to be away from the home any more than absolutely necessary!
I would love to go grocery shopping twice a month, but we lack the storage space for all we need.
So, for the moment, I shop once a week!
But that's it.
No running to the store everyday.
But you have to know in advance what you are preparing for meals this weekend and next week so you have everything on hand.
Making a menu for all 3 meals a week in advance {at least} is super helpful, and cuts down on the amount of time you need to be spending in the kitchen as well!!
Just a few simple tips for simplifying our homes that are schools as well!!

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