Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Fundays: Why we do what we do

One thing that has become such a hit at our house is our implementing a little thing we call "Monday Funday."
It started because after the crazy busyness of every. single. weekend, not only was I exhausted and not prepared  for a full day of schooling on Monday, but my children are very tired too.  Sunday is just plain hard.  Getting 8 people out the door for a half hour ride to church TWICE every Sunday, and then needing to arrive at said destination in less-than-grumpy moods is taxing.  Plus getting meals around is tough.  We start everything on Saturday, and it's planned down to the minute, but stuff STILL happens, and we still run late, and we're so tired Sunday evening.  Not to mention what a disaster the house is and all the laundry piled up on Monday morning.

So, I decided that we would institute "Monday Funday."  Little to no school work, sleeping in, cleaning up the house, catching our breath......and oh, yeah.......a field trip!!  You see, my husband has his only day off on Monday, so we like to have some quality fun family time together.  We need some time together where there isn't a strict time limit, just come-as-you-are relaxation and laughter.  I think especially important when you are trying to raise children with ADHD.  You see, these kids are CONSTANTLY being corrected.  They have to work SO hard to get anything right the first time, and we as parents find ourselves quick to load up the correction and discipline, and short on praise and positive motivation.  This one-day a week gives us all a chance to just be with each other without a lot of expectations and the children get to see us as parents with our hair down and having fun!!  I really believe it has been hugely valuable in improving our relationship with these children we've been loaned for awhile!

We're slowly sliding back into our regular routine today, and I've got some fun ideas on the calendar for this spring's round-up of "Monday Fundays."  Today, I did meet with each of my students to review where we are right now and where we need to go to finish up this year well.  I also asked them some of the places they wanted to go for their fields trips.  Here are some of the things I'm looking at for this semester:

Lunch at CiCi's Pizza
Lunch at McDonald's
{for a nature walk}
{since we have a membership!!}
Trips to local parks

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