Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas ISN'T over.....really!

When the last of the wrappings are thrown in the trash,
and the nativity and lights are put away for the year,
and the emptiness creeps back to envelop your heart.....
Emmanuel, "God with us," is still here.

He was there with you yesterday as you planned your menu and shopped for those gifts,
and He will be there tomorrow....the Eternal "I AM."

"I am with you alway.."  Matthew 28:20

Filling the hunger within.....He is "the Bread of Life...."
Come to us from Bethlehem...the "house of bread."

Quenching the dry thirst of 
of fear,
of insecurity, 
of abuse,
of uncertainty.....
because He is "the Living Water."

"I will pour water upon him that is thirsty."  Isaiah 44:3

As you begin to tuck away Christmas dishes and holiday wreaths,
and the thoughts of what the new year holds makes you catch your breath in fear,
He is "the Light of the World."

He lights our way,
and replaces the cold and darkness of uncertainty with the warmth of His presence.

Fear is simply denying the presence of God in your life.

This light of Jesus should shine through our hearts to point others,
who live in the darkness,
to His love.

He shepherds us through our rocky days,
and comforts us with His staff.
He is "the Good Shepherd...." 
who only gives us good things.

Good things often disguised as pain,
or loss,
or tragedy,
or a frightening diagnosis,
or inconvenience,
or irritation......
To make us look closer,
see things the way He sees them,
to value the things He values.

If you're at a crossroads in your life
and facing some difficult decision.....
the joy of Christmas gone....
unsure of which way to go....

Jesus is "the way."
He is "the truth."
He is "the door" you're searching for.

When the day seems empty as you wave good-bye to those you love,
and shut the door behind you to face too much quiet ahead....

Look to Jesus.
He IS the reason for the season.

He still IS.

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