Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Children's Christmas

Every December, all 6 of our children have the opportunity to participate in a Christmas program
with a choir of other children their age.
The first Sunday in December is designated for the Primary Choir (ages 3- 1st grade).
Both Aryn and Garrett participated last year, but this year Garrett (who is now 5)
has developed a disdain for singing with his choir, so he did not participate this year.
Aryn showed no fear and loved being on stage!!

The second Sunday in December is designated for the Junior Choir (2nd-6th grade).
It was the first year Abby (2nd grade) performed with this choir, 
and the last year for Ashlyn (6th grade) to perform with this choir.

Grant had the most unusual entrance to his first ever solo!!
He had forgotten to be in his place in front of the mic at the beginning of the song,
and I was starting to panic as I realized he was about to miss it.
Watch what happens!!

Here is Abby's sweet little piece:

Ashlyn was so excited to have a speaking part in this year's Children's Christmas Program.
She did such a great job and worked so hard learning her part.
Unfortunately what little video we did take of her did not turn out good enough to keep.
We're going to get a hold of better copy from our church!!
She is in the center of the picture below (with the black/white skirt).

Finally, the third Sunday in December is designated for the adult choir to perform their annual
Christmas Cantata.
It is usually also the Sunday for the teen choir to perform at some point.
This year the teen choir performed two beautiful pieces during our morning church service.
The video of both numbers was too long to post here, 
so we trimmed it down to just the first piece.

Our oldest (far right) with her friends after their choir performance.

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