Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Women's Wellness Wednesday: Eliminating xenoestrogens

On Wednesdays, I'm journaling about this new leg of my journey to better health.
Last week, I talked about these things called "xenoestrogens" that I had NEVER heard of,
but apparently are wreaking HAVOC on my health and well-being!!
You can read about that here:  What ARE xenoestrogens?

Now that I'm more familiar with what they are and what they do {estrogen mimicers, endocrine disrupters},
I've been trying to figure out how to avoid them.

It's pretty simple to avoid them.....just don't use the products that contain them.
The tricky part is finding a good alternative....that WORKS and doesn't break the bank!!

Here's what I've found so far:

These products are AH-mazing!!
The Dessert Essence brand is dedicated to producing all-natural products and they are just fantastic!
I've ditched all my regular shampoos, conditioners, soap, and body lotion and switched to this brand.
I LOVE the Coconut body wash and lotion.
It's as good as or better than anything at Bath and Body Works, and is safer for you if you have
and estrogen dominance issue, such as myself.
I started buying them on sale at Sprout's so I could try them,
but will probably be buying them online at for a way better price.

I've also ditched my store-bought antiperspirant/deodorant.
This one was tough for me.
I'm a confessed profuse sweater.
My feet and hands sweat....and the sweat RUNS down my face and back in the summers
around here!!
I was nervous about switching to something that doesn't have the aluminum and other parabens
that are normally in antiperspirants, but I knew I didn't want to keep using these potentially
harmful ingredients.
I tried this:

But didn't like that I had to apply it several times a day and I still smelled of rotten onions!

So I tried this:
But I had virtually the same problem as I did with the previous product.
Plus, I found out that tea tree oil is also an estrogen mimicer {phytoestrogen - plant based estrogen}
and that using this too much can cause issues with estrogen dominance as well!!!

SO.....I decided to try my hand at making my own!!
I found this recipe:

Let me tell you.....I like it!!
It was super easy to make, and I was able to fill up one 4.6 oz. empty deodorant tube
that I had on hand.
When I use it....there is no odor.
I did not use any essential oil to fragrance it, but it has a gentle coconut smell from the coconut oil.
It has a super low melting point though, and melts instantly when it touches your skin.
It broke the twist up function on the deodorant container because it gets so hard when you put it in the frig initially, so I had to scoop it out into a small
covered plastic bowl and keep it in the frig.
I've just been popping it out of the bowl when I feel I need it and storing it in the frig.

The next thing to go?
Commercial laundry detergent.
I was NOT going to do this.
I had dug in my heels and was not going to let anybody or anything drag me into 
being this "crunchy!"
But when I found out that xenoestrogens are found in laundry detergent AND fabric softener,
and that they don't come off your clothes and get into your system....
I knew I had to try this.
And what did I have to loose?
It's so. MUCH. cheaper!!
Here's the recipe:

It was so cheap to make.
And so easy.
Will post pictures later.
It seems to work just fine.
It doesn't have a fancy fragrance that our American culture seems to think we need for happiness
and cleanliness......
but it gets the clothes clean!!

Just a few simple changes.
With more to come.

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