Tuesday, November 8, 2011

T1 Tuesdays: November is Diabetes Awareness Month!!

Did you know that November is Diabetes Awareness Month?
I didn't either.  {blush}
But now that I do, I'm wondering if you know the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?
Since my 2nd daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 in February of 2009, I've learned a LOT about the differences.
I get that the vast majority of people who don't have any experience at all with either one have absolutely no idea what the differences are or how to deal with living with either type.
So I'm becoming more passionate about educating people!!
It's hard sometimes as a mom of a child with this disease not to get frustrated about the confusion.

When you have Type 1:

You will never "get better."
You will never be cured of this until you get a new pancreas.
You CAN eat whatever you want.....yes...she CAN have that ice cream cone {as long as she has her insulin with her!!}
You can't take pills or eat a special diet to "control" your diabetes.
You have to count the carbohydrates of every morsel that slips into your mouth and take enough insulin from an outside source {whether shots or an insulin pump} to cover the carbs you're eating.
You have to take a life-saving syringe of glucagon with you WHEREVER you go in the event your blood sugar crashes and you fall into a coma with seizures!!
You can play sports or whatever strenuous activity you want, BUT you must keep checking your blood sugar to make sure you're blood sugars are staying in a good range and not dropping too low.
You have an increased risk for developing other auto-immune disorders such as celiac disease, or thyroid disease, or eye problems.
You have blood sugars that continually spike up {high} and down {low} all day long.  It's almost impossible to stay on top of them!!
You won't find anything in any magazine especially for "Diabetics" that will apply to your lifestyle, because all of those magazines are designed for Type 2 diabetics!!

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