Thursday, November 3, 2011

{You CAN} Teach Your Child Thursdays: If you love it....they will come.

When it comes to homeschooling your children, the MOST important dynamic is finding something YOU love!!

If YOU love it, and are excited about it......your children will enjoy it more.

If YOU hate it, and it's an enormous burden to you......they will hate it too.  Then it's miserable for everyone.

Misery has become a red flag to me that something needs to change.......we need a day of play together, we need to de-stress by straightening things up and putting things in their place, we need a better curriculum for where we are, or we need to change up our routine.

When you consider homeschooling, and you've never been homeschooled or seen a homeschool in motion, it's very difficult to break out of the traditional school model.

I had only ever been to private A.C.E schools, and that's all I knew.

I knew you need the core subjects everyday:  Math, English, Social Studies, Science, and Word Building.
When you get to high school, you add in "electives" like typing, foreign language, auto mechanics, etc.

So, naturally, that's what I thought I needed to do for my children.
Each subject, each and every day.

But I ended up starting out with an AH-mazing curriculum when my first-born was in kindergarten called......
Five in a Row.
It was so much fun!!!
The lessons were enchanting, easy, short, and very hands on.
She loved it and I loved it!!

But when first grade rolled around.....I thought I needed something a little more structured.....more for me than for her.
So I defaulted to what I knew.....the Accelerated Christian Education or A.C.E. curriculum.
We loved it in first grade.....not as much by 2nd grade....and were hating it by 3rd grade.
What I didn't know at the time was that this child was ADHD-Type 1 {Inattentive type}.
Focusing on one page of work was nearly impossible much less the 3 or 4 needed each day in EACH SUBJECT!!
And now....I was having to add more students to our little schoolroom.

But I found that I LOVE unit studies.
I LOVE arts and crafts.
I LOVE to read.
So we do all of those things.....a LOT.
And because I'm interested in them.....I'm excited and wanting my children to enjoy them too!!

Maybe you love working in the kitchen.
Cooking lessons, math lessons with fractions while measuring ingredients, science/chemistry lessons while mixing ingredients and watching them transform in the oven, etc.

Maybe you love working outside in a garden.
Gardening lessons, more science/botany lessons, nutrition lessons on whole foods, etc.

Maybe you love working with animals.
Animal husbandry, responsibility, veterinary medicine, etc.

Maybe you love music?
Trips to the symphony, learning an instrument together and playing together, not to mention all the fun games online that teach music!!

Each child is unique.
Each famiy is unique.
Each parent is unique.

I believe that a loving Heavenly Father puts all these dynamics together for a specific purpose.
He puts your children with YOU so YOU can teach them.
What my children are learning will be different from the children that come from a family of doctors.
And that is okay.
That's the way God wanted it to be.
He knows what our capabilities are and the capabilities of our children.
So teach them what you know and LOVE!!
Let them catch the excitement of loving to LEARN!!

And you didn't think you could teach your child at home??

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