Thursday, September 1, 2011

A slight delay and a new diagnosis: Adenomyosis

Last week I had very ambitious and lofty goals laid out.
I was going to have lesson plans prepared.....some new things put out for our school room...and a new system in place for my children to work through their school day.
I was also going to have school books picked out {at the least expensive cost} and all the free printables ready to go for the first week or so as we ease our way back in to a schooling routine!!
Last of all, I was going to make out new routine and chore charts, and have fresh activities ready for the younger ones to do while older siblings and Mom are busy.
All so we could start school this last Monday {August 29}.
So much to do...but a little every small bites....was doable.

"The mind of man plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps."
Proverbs 16:9

Sunday morning I needed to stay home with our oldest who was on the tail-end of some sort of virus,
and our 7-year old who had developed some sort of rash on her arms, abdomen, legs, and the lower half of her face.
It wasn't bothering her too much, though she was self-conscious about how blotchy she looked.
It had some up a little on Friday, then more pronounced and itchy by Saturday.
I gave her several doses of Benedryl Saturday, Saturday evening, and on into Sunday.
But by Monday morning, she woke up and came to me looking like this.....

I panicked internally and tried to calmly tell her that we were making a trip to our pediatrician that morning.
First little detour.
Quick trip over to the doctor confirmed my suspicions....poison ivy.
Needed some in a trip to the pharmacy.

The next morning {Tuesday} I had already scheduled an appointment for myself with my OB/GYN to address some issues that have started getting out-of-hand.
After a couple different tests, he concluded that I have developed adenomyosis.
His treatment options:  Birth control pills, then possibly, if they didn't help, a hysterectomy.

What is that?!?!
Never heard of it....and a little shell-shocked at such a dramatic, final treatment.
I went home and talked this over with my husband, and he agreed that I should research other options FIRST.
For the next 3 days, I spent hours trying to learn what this condition is, how to treat it more naturally, and where on earth to find the right course of treatment.
Second detour.

What I learned in those 72 exhausting hours is worthy of a blog post all it's own.
I intend to talk more in depth about this as I was mystified at how difficult it was to get information!!
I finally received a little bit of resolution when I found another OB/GYN just 5 minutes from our house who can help me work with what God already gave me in an effort to achieve healing in a number of different areas.
But all that research completely wiped out my plans for the week.

Things settled down nicely until Saturday afternoon.
We were just 2 hours from Daddy getting home from work for the evening, when the 2 youngest began the chase.
You know the one.....around the family dining table at top speed.
I was sitting at said table, and before I could say, "Stop running," the 5-year old boy tripped over something and smashed head-on into the corner of the piano bench.

I knew immediately that something was different about that crash, as everything hushed in the house and we all seemed to move in slow motion.
He stood up holding his forehead with both hands, open-mouth crying.
I said to myself, "If there's blood, this is not going to be good."
And there was......lots of it.
When I saw where it was coming from.....I knew......yet another trip to a doctor.

Third detour.
We sat in the waiting room of our local ER for...get this....4 HOURS before we got in to a room.
After nearly an hour in the actual treatment room, he was glued and taped stitches afterall.
But I was entirely okay with that because he was NOT happy about the prospect of a shot and stitches.
I held him close in my arms as we walked to the doors of the ER, and we prayed that maybe the Lord would let it be that he wouldn't have to have a shot....and maybe even not need stitches.
So when we walked out after his bedtime with him all patched up, I didn't feel chapped at ALL.
He had been such a patient, delightful, little angel the whole time we waited and he delighted everyone else in the waiting room.
I got to read to him, and we practiced writing and spelling, and we shared some snacks, and snuggled a little bit, and it was lovely to spend all that time with just him.

Sometimes the Lord takes us down a path we never dreamed we travel.
I still don't know where my new diagnosis is going to lead me.
I was frustrated at first that my plans screeched to a halt......
Because of all the detours, we are starting school next week.
But so what?

The Lord is up to something.
When He changes my direction, I know I need to just follow Him.

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