Monday, August 8, 2011

Teen Camp!!

The week following Junior Camp in July was Teen Camp for our 13-year old.
This was her very first year to go with our church's youth group as a teenager.
And what an amazing week she had!!
They went on an 18 hour church bus ride to Mount Moriah Christian Camp in Powell, TN.
They started out 1 1/2 hours late because the bus wouldn't start after they got it all loaded.  Battery.
But they all had "the BEST" week of teen camp "EVER!"
Complete with one of the adult sponsors getting 13 stitches in his forehead/nose due to an injury in the pool,
and a tire blow-out on the ride home that resulted in a 3-hour layover at the local gas station!!

We prayed that the Word of God would speak to her heart during that week, and He answered our prayer!!

Lexi was part of the "Photography Club" during this week.

With her best friend and the "big ball" game!!

Lexi is on the left in the black shirt...with the red hair ;)

We were so blessed this year to see 3 of our children get to attend summer camp.
We feel it's such an important opportunity for them to get away from all the "noise" our culture covers them with on a daily basis,
to a place where they have to be away from TV, video games, computers, neighborhood influences.
They are using up tons of physical energy all day, so they can sit still better and hear the principles taught to them from the Word of God during morning chapel as well as evening service time.
Children are very tender to the Lord's voice, and this is a great place for them
to make some life-long decisions for Him.
We work together as family every spring and early summer to raise the money for them to go,
and it has always proved to be one of the best investments of the summer!!

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