Saturday, August 6, 2011

Catching up!!

This has just been THE most amazing summer for our family.
We have had such a BLAST!!
The last couple of weeks were supposed to be slower, lazier, less busy weeks.....but we've managed to keep hoppin' most every day.

One of the big things here recently that has significantly impacted our days has been this tremendous heatwave.
We live in Central North Texas, and we are currently in our 36th consecutive day of triple digit temperatures.
On the 1st day of July it was a minty-fresh 98 degrees that broke already many triple digit days, so we've had many, many days of intense heat with it only getter hotter as we go farther into August!!
I'll be posting about how we've been surviving this record breaking heatwave next week!!

But let's get on to other more interesting things than the weather!!!
I've already posted about the "Adventures of Summer Camp", but I wanted to put up some pictures that our youth pastor's wife took during the week!!

Type 1 Diabetes never gets a vacation.  Checking BS with the camp nurse.

This was the day after her nightmare of falling off the top bunk and ending up with a fat lip 
and a visit from the paramedics.
She didn't quite feel like going boating with her friends.

Ashlyn is standing here with her back to the camera in the green shirt and dark shorts.

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