Saturday, July 16, 2011

A time to die....a time to mourn

This time last week {Saturday morning} I was busy packing my children's things
for an awesome week of summer church camp.
The plan was to send off these two older children on Monday
and spend the remaining week just relaxing, 
enjoying the casual pace of summertime,
slathering a little more attention on the youngest members of our family.
I was also hoping to spend some leisurely time shopping with my oldest daughter
who has recently started bulging out of every piece of clothing she owns,
and is in desperate need of clothes that fit her properly 
so she would be prepared for her upcoming week at summer camp which is the following week!

"To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven:"

Late Saturday evening, after I had crawled into bed, exhausted...
from the laundry and the labeling and the running around for medication supplies.....
my oldest daughter came into our bedroom asking if she could call her friend.
Initially, I was annoyed that she would ask to call a 11 O'CLOCK at night.....
who she was going to see early the next morning at church.
She then told me that her friend had posted on facebook to pray for her brother.
THAT did not seem like a legitimate reason for a recreational phone call.
But her friend did call and told her that her brother {26 years old} had fallen 
out of a car
and was barely breathing.

"....a time to be born..."

It was such a random, out-of-the-blue statement.
It didn't register with me.
But as I lay in my bed,
I felt the Lord whisper to me,
"You better check this out with {the young man's mom}."
That was it....just a quiet nudging.....the fear in a Mama's heart.
"What if......."

So I texted her.
"Is he okay?"

She called me within moments.
They had moved her into "a family room" at the hospital and she didn't know why.
Her other son, who had been with him, was still with the police.
We cried out to our Heavenly Father together there on the phone.
To save his life.
To bring "the peace that passeth all understanding."
To help her sense His presence right that moment.
I asked her to call me, no matter the time, when she heard anything.

I hung up the phone....fear strangling.

My sweet friend is just 3 years older than me.
She has two older boys who she has adored and loved and prayed for.
She has prayed the Lord would bring them back to Him.
They have chosen to live their lives tasting everything this world has to offer,
racing through life trying to find happiness and joy in all the wrong places.
Never one time has she rejected them......always talking with great love for them.
She couldn't allow them to live at home because of their two younger sisters,
both the ages of and friends with my two oldest daughters.
She couldn't allow the alcohol and the drugs in her home.

And the boys knew that.
They loved their sisters, and their mom.

"....a time to die.."

She called me back, around midnight or so,
and choked back that he was gone.
He and his brother were with a group of friends, including his fiancee'.
Sitting in the back of a pick-up.
Fooling around.
65 miles a hour.
Lost his balance.
Fell out on the highway.

A breath away from eternity.

"....a time to weep.."

I frantically prayed with her again as I watched her walk straight into the darkest, deepest valley
I have had nightmares about and fear I never have to face.

Our family prayed together in the wee hours of Sunday morning.
We brainstormed about what we should be doing, what we could do to help at that moment.

"But I trusted in thee, O LORD:
I said, Thou art my God.
My times are in thy hand:"
Psalm 31:14, 15

I wanted to go to her.

My oldest daughter and I did go, to her home,
early Sunday morning.

"......a time to mourn.."

We cried with their family.
We listened to the stories about her firstborn baby boy.
We sat with her as the tears flowed as she breathed in the scent of him off his clothes.

We arranged for our littlest ones to play with friends while we attended his viewing on Tuesday evening. 
We quietly slipped in to his funeral, Wednesday afternoon,
 and listened to a mother's cry as she said good-bye
to a child who was gone before she could hug him.
We hugged his sisters, his grandparents, the brother who watched him fall.
We heard an uncle sing a soulful tune through tears.

"....though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death....
I will fear no evil,
for thou art with me."
Psalm 23

We witnessed the grace of God this week.
His mercy in preventing this young man from a lengthy suffering after the accident.
The grace of a loving family surrounding those who are hurting.
His presence felt so clearly in the darkest places.

"My presence shall go with thee;
and I will give thee rest."
Exodus 33:14 

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