Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturdays are for: Garage Sales!!

This summer, as part of our "summer camp fundraising" projects,
we held a garage sale.
I have a love/hate relationship with garage sales.
In my former life {the one with less children},
I loved getting up early and hitting all the community wide garage sales,
and coming home with spectacular deals.
The year I was pregnant with my first baby, 
I found literally my entire maternity wardrobe at one garage sale!!
It was a thing of beauty.

But times and seasons have changed for me.
I live in an area now where garage sales are not really an art form.
It's very, very hot in the summer now, so spring and fall are the preferred garage sale seasons.
But most importantly, it's extremely difficult to take 6 highly social young children
out to drive around hunting for garage sales.
They don't want to sit in the car while you do your walk through,
they want money to buy something {anything} at every sale,
and they grumble and feel let down if they come home empty-handed.
It's a nightmare.
So, I never get out to garage sales anymore.

BUT, I thought that actually HAVING a garage sale would be more fun and practical.
Until I realized that in my tiny house, all your items have to sit stacked in the living areas,
hence, the children start going through everything and walking off with stuff,
and it becomes a whole new policing and discipline issue.
Then, you have them making a mess in the house,
while you're outside selling things.
It's just not pretty.

This year, though, my mother-in-law offered to let us use her garage
for our garage sale.
She lives in an area that I fondly like to refer to as "Little Mexico."
In that part of town, a garage sale is better than Wal-Mart,
and you should expect to sell out of everything by noon!!
I was again plagued with the issue of how to manage 6 children and early hours of the morning,
but we resolved that by letting the two older girls spend the night with grandma
so as to help her get everything set up and
 going at 8 am.

The morning of the garage sale,
I have the four youngest with me,
and I have only a couple items on my list to gather before we need to leave the house
and head over to the garage sale.
The little ones get up fine, and are dressed and cooperative,
and I'm 5 minutes from loading the van and thanking the Lord for a peaceful,
seamless morning.
But then.....
"Mom!!  Aryn just put a stone in her nose, and we can't get it out!!"
At first, I brushed that off because it seemed so ridiculous and out-of-place at that moment.
Then, when I really took a look, I realized.....
she has a stone WAY up in her nose.
Yes, the tiny pieces of gold painted gravel that my son brought home from VBS the day before
as reminders that God's Word is full of nuggets of truth...
have now randomly ended up in my 3 year old's sinuses!!
Let me just say this:
at that moment I overreacted.
Yes, there it is.
I howled!!
Everything was going along just fine,
we were actually going to be on time,
and now I'm staring at a gold nugget that glistened back at me every time the light of the flashight hit it.
I tried everything to get it out....
we blew and blew and blew.
She sneezed over and over and over.
I tried grabbing it with tweezers,
but that nugget was wedged in so tight that I only managed to push it up farther.
So I hurriedly called our pediatricians office and snarled out my predicament.
The gracious nurse encouraged us not to do
 anything else 
because if she aspirated it into her lungs 
we would  have a much bigger problem on our hands!
She told me that doctor had not come into the office yet,
but to bring her in so when he did arrive, 
he could assess the situation and decide if it was something he could address....
or if we would have 
{more howling at this point}
So I threw these four children into the van
and sped off to the doctor's office.
It was a pretty quiet, 5 minute ride.
And what happened next was straight out of a comedy routine.
I pulled into the parking lot of the office,
and as I put my foot on the brake
Aryn started whimpering.
My immediate fear was that she had tried digging that nugget out herself 
and had shoved it all the way in!!
I hollered at her sister to keep her from digging in her nose,
when the sister yelled:
"Mom!!  It's coming OUT.  I can see it!"
Sure enough,
that booger {literally}
was just hanging right out in plain sight.
I hurdled over the seats and children in my way,
and popped that thing right out.
I ran into the office and slapped it on the counter,
and told those nurses we wouldn't be needing the doctor after all.
They seemed as relieved as I was.

So off we went back home to put the rest of our stuff in the van
to get over to that garage sale.
We raised a couple hundred dollars
but hardly put a dent in all the stuff that was there to sell.
I decided that we would try to have just ONE more sale the following weekend....
at my house.
And I have already told my husband to just shoot me in the face
if I ever mention to him what a fun idea it would be to have another garage sale!!

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