Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

Are we REALLY in the month of July already?
Celebrating one of my favorite holidays together?

One of our very favorite traditions is attending our home town's 
4th of July Parade.
It's always a ton of fun!!
What are your favorite family traditions for this mid-summer holiday?

We're also swimming,

enjoying a late all-american lunch of:
potato salad,
and a special
"Red, White, and Blue" dessert!!

We'll cap off the night with fireworks at our local park,
sitting with other police families at the police station!!

I love our country,
and don't take for granted the immense struggles that took place,
and lives that were given
for the freedoms we enjoy today.
Happy Birthday, America!

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Nicole said...

Wonderful pics and happy 4th of July!!