Thursday, July 21, 2011


During our visit with the endocrinologist on Monday, I gave him the "Medical Necessity" form that had been emailed to me that I needed to get signed and faxed by the doctor.
Once this last form was sent in, the Dexcom people would be able to verify our benefits with our insurance and let us know how much it would cost us out of pocket.
Did I mention before that our insurance changed on the 1st of June?
And the coverage it much, much less than what we had the first  months of this year?

The cost of Ashlyn's medications/supplies are now quadruple the cost they had been for us.
Grant's medication doubled in cost.
My allergy meds just came out in generic form, so it actually got cheaper but only because it's available generically.

I wasn't hopeful that the coverage would be that good for the Dexcom.
I was right......sort of.
Along with the new insurance comes a brand new, unmet deductible of $2000.
We would have to pay an upfront cost of $1200 for the device and 1 months supply of the sensors.
(One sensor lasts for 7 days before you have to change it out)
The remaining deductible is $800.
We would have to pay something like $280 for every month's sensors until we reach that $800 mark.
After that, we will have to pay $75 a month for the sensor's.

Needless to say, we don't have that money.
Weren't prepared for that when we made up our budget for the year.
So, we won't be able to get this extremely helpful {necessary if you ask me!!}technology this year.
Maybe now that we have numbers, we can use some income tax return money next year and juggle things around to make that work in the future.

For now, I'm disappointed.
And fighting the urge to be resentful that we just don't have the resources {anymore} to help our daughter manage this disease WELL!!
It's enormously frustrating to know what we NEED, but have no way of providing it easily.
I didn't realize that to have the tools we need to make things better takes independent wealth.
It's all good that it's out there and's just beyond our fingertips though!!

Trying not to complain.
I know.
We ARE grateful that things are not worse.
We ARE grateful that my husband has not one, but two jobs.
We ARE grateful that we even have private insurance.
We ARE grateful that we own our home and are not in danger of so many right now.
We ARE grateful that we have two vehicles that are paid for and run pretty well for us.
We ARE grateful that our children are healthy {for the most part}, and not permanently disabled.
We ARE grateful that all the appliances work in our home.
We ARE grateful that I can go to the grocery store this morning and fill up our little pantry for the week.

Trying not to wish for what we DON'T have.

Trying to discipline my mind to focus on what the Lord has given today.

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Amber said...

I am so sorry that it didn't work out for you, but praying that everything works out for the better now and hopefully you will be able to get it next year :)!!! Love ya