Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3rd and 4th weeks of summer fun!!

The last several weeks have been such a blur of activity that I've lacked significant slots of quiet time
to lay down some words describing our days.
The week following "Art Camp," my children attended not only a morning VBS, but an evening one as well.
Here's what our eventful days looked like:
8 am - Rise and shine, breakfast, get dressed
9 am- 12 pm - VBS for 4 or 5 of the children
                     - Cleaning time for mommy
12:00 pm - Pick up time and head to the local high school for free lunch with all our friends!!
1:00 pm - Home for quiet afternoon of reading, or playing video games or watching a movie
              - Some afternoons we went swimming
5:00 pm - Daddy gets home.  Dinner for him
6:00 pm - 3-5 children get dropped off at another evening VBS where they are served dinner
              - Mommy either goes shopping or for her 1 hour walk
8:30 pm - Pick-up time
9 - 10 pm - Bedtimes

During our 4th week of summer fun we traveled every morning to our home church 30 miles away to participate in VBS there!!
We even borrowed a 15 passenger van from our former church so we could take visitors.
Our high day was 11 visitors on Wednesday morning.
It even worked out that we could make it back to our local high school for lunch too!!

We also threw in a garage sale on the Saturday between those two weeks as part of our "summer camp fundraising."
But that day deserves a blog entry all on it's own!!

Nevertheless it has been really busy.
I have loved nearly every minute of it, but we're all ready for this 5th week of summer to just relax and be home more.
We hit the pool on Monday {the 4th of July} and got terribly sunburned {again which deserves it's own blog post!}.
Because of this, we've all been laying around trying to keep cool.

We've had an unusually warm  HOT summer this year with temperatures in the triple digits nearly every day
for several weeks now.
We don't usually see triple digits until July, MAYBE, August......not as early as June.
And to exacerbate things we've had little to no rain.
For some reason, this year, our A/C hasn't been able to keep up and it's getting up to 82 degrees in our house
every afternoon with the A/C running!!
Obviously we need to address this issue too, but we're afraid we won't be able to afford the fix.

And then there's Ashlyn's blood sugar numbers.
All summer we've done nothing but chase down highs.
Very high highs.
Sometimes accompanied by the dreaded ketones.
We have to get this figured out.
We have to do something different.
I got in touch with one of her diabetes educators at the hospital because our insurance changed at the beginning of June {again....which will get a blog post all it's own.....nightmare!!}.
During the conversation about needing her prescriptions rewritten for the new mail order supply company,
and the fact that I can't keep on top of charting her numbers, I asked about this amazing technology called:
Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Long story short, I got in touch with a representative for the Dexcom 7 CGM System.
We're waiting to hear what or if our new insurance will cover of this.

Next week???


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