Friday, June 3, 2011

Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way.

How's that for a pessimistic statement?
I don't usually try to highlight the obvious, frustrating parts of life, but that title just perfectly described my day yesterday.
Normally, I wouldn't even chronicle something like this because each step of the way got worse as we went along.
But I'm journaling here for my children, as a sort of "Ebenezer" if you will.
Marking things along the journey so I don't forget the goodness of God in our lives.
Those times when Jehovah God provided, or taught us, or carried us, or changed our course.

Tuesday evening I got a call from my husband, who had traveled 30 minutes away to a meeting.
"How's your prayer life?" he asked.
"Uh-oh," I laughed, "Did the van break down on you?"  {Always the first thing either of us think}
"No," he said, "but the air went out."
Now to some of you reading this, that may not be a really big deal.
But to those of us living in Texas where the daily temperatures are consistently in the mid-90's, it's a BIG deal.
That brings with it new challenges like bringing along extra clothes to change into once you reach your destination because your first set of clothes are drenched in sweat.
Re-doing make-up.
Frizzy hair.
Keeping six children hydrated so their little cheeks aren't beet red from the heat.
The whole nine yards.

Not exactly the best timing since we already put $2500 into this van in the early spring and there isn't a surplus in our budget for another hefty repair bill just 3 months later.

So we call our favorite auto repair shop and they aren't able to get to it until Thursday.
Okay. It's not a complete disaster to have to travel to church (30 minutes away) for just ONE trip without air.
It's more like an adventure!!
But Wednesday, June 1, our youngest son spikes a fever.
Which accompanied a two-day old croupy, seal-like barking cough.
After giving him some ibuprofen, he proceeded to fall asleep. On the floor. In the living room.
This child needs to see a doctor.
For the first time in three year {3}, he needs to see the doctor.

And what made this more of a challenge is that we are at the beginning of a small window of time where are health insurance is in limbo.
It changed that morning....June 1.
And we didn't have our new health insurance cards......or any information for that matter.

The next day, Thursday {the day we're supposed to take the van to be repaired}, I get up and call my husband to see if by chance the new cards had been issued that morning.
No such luck.
He sent me an email from the HR department with group names and numbers, but no ID numbers as we wouldn't officially be on this insurance.......until NEXT week!!
And THEN, as an added bonus, there was another email stating that there had been a misunderstanding by those managing our Med-flex accounts {HSA}, and that ours was one of only a few that had been mistakenly zeroed out!!
This hadn't happened to all employees, but we were one of the few....get this.....because our last name comes at the beginning of the alphabet!!!
So now, not only did I not have health insurance coverage.....I had no money {except our grocery money} with which to pay for the doctor.
First time in THREE years this child really NEEDS the doctor and all this!!
Two days ago?  No problem!!

Now we've been told to keep all the receipts for reimbursement, and that the HSA will indeed be reinstated, but what good does that do me TODAY since I now have to pay cash for everything?
Especially with car repairs on the same day?

Are you getting the title of today's blog now?

I only had to pay the co-pay for the doctor's visit {which was $10 more expensive than our previous insurance....just to add insult to injury!}.
But I had to pay full price for the GENERIC prescription.
For generic.
I had to swallow to keep from barfing on the pharmacy counter.
That's just a lot of money for us.....when I was anticipating the well advertised $4 generic!!

I am thankful though that we had that money available at that moment, and my son started his medication at lunch.

Then, it was time to drop off the van.
They had been wondering where it was since they expected to see it that morning.
I explained my morning to them, and expressed how I hoped they would have better news for me.
Ever get that "deer in the headlights look" coupled with the silence that is so loud all you hear is crickets?
That's what I got.
I think we ALL knew that this repair was not going to be cheap.

The manager offered to drive me back home in our van so he could hear and feel the problems for himself.
He decided to flip the A/C on even though I warned him that terrible things would happen if he did.

Ever see that episode of the Andy Griffith Show entitled "Barney's First Car?"
Where Barney Fife gets swindled by an elderly lady {who played Grandma on the Waltons} and ends up with a lemon. 
 By the time he and Andy get it home from taking it for a's a rattlin' and clankin':

Well, that's what our van sounded like when the manager turned the A/C on.
In fact, he pulled over, popped the hood, stuck his head under the hood, and drove us right back to the shop.

We held our breathe most of that night and this morning, waiting to hear how bad everything really was.

And you know what?

The Lord took care of usual........

But I'll finish the rest of this rather lengthy story tomorrow.....

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