Monday, June 6, 2011

The REST of the story....

I meant to finish the story from last week......last week, but that didn't happen.
So I want to tell you the "rest of the story."

You know, I'm awfully thick headed.
I mean.....sometimes I wonder how on earth I've made it this far in my life without having caught on to some things SOO much earlier.
How on earth did I NOT get that before??

In retrospect....something else happened last week BEFORE all the rest of those little catatrophes happened.
I was wandering around on facebook when I noticed a friend of mine mentioning that she had some diabetic supplies from her Type 1 Diabetic daughter that they were no longer needing, and she was looking to get rid of some of it.
I asked her a little more about what she had, and found that we could use as much as she wanted to share.
So, "out-of-the-blue" we were receiving some very expensive, yet very necessary items for our daughter that we hadn't even thought to pray about.
On the very same day our son got sick....the day after our van A/C went out.
At that moment, I thought it was rather peculiar of the Lord to gift us, provide items for us that, yes, we would need eventually, but were NOT the items that we NEEDED that day.
I don't know why, when this has happened to us in the past, I never saw it before.
But as I was working on this story, the Lord seemed to whisper to me:

"Those diabetic supplies....
though they came from Kathy,
they really were from me.
She was my hands that day.
I wanted you to know that I already know what you need.
I have everything under control.
If I can work in her heart to provide these things for you way in advance,
can't you trust me to have these other things taken care of too?"

The Lord has done this sort of thing so many other times for us.
But I'm such a learning disabled believer that I forget almost as soon as the crisis is over.

Those problems with our van?
The repair shop had harvested the parts needed for the annihilated clutch on the A/C compressor from other vehicles.
They didn't charge us for those parts....just the labor.
The noise from the tire?
Just required a rotation job.
That broken passenger chair?
They had tried to repair it before, so they repaired it again for good.....for free!!
And the total bill came just over the amount of a gift someone had given us for these repairs, and we had the extra amount on hand.
With some "creative financing" by my husband, the total cost was very doable.
Don't we have a Mighty God??
Thank you, Jehovah - Jireh {The Lord will provide}!

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