Monday, May 23, 2011

Our last birthday of the season!!! Happy 5th Birthday, Garrett!

Yesterday, after I came in from my 4 mile walk, I began waking the children to get ready for Sunday School.
But I couldn't find Garrett.
I looked in every bed.....and we have a lot of beds now.....but he was nowhere to be found.
His brother said, "He's on the couch!"
I quickly went in to see why he was in there, and he was all crumpled up, laying there with his hand over his head.
"I don't feel good, Mommy, and my head hurts."
He had a raging high fever.
Plans quickly changed and I helped the others get dressed.
Garrett and I stayed back from church and had a quiet morning together.
His fever would go down as I gave him Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen, and he would feel good enough to get up and walk around or color.
But as his fever would creep back up, he would need to lay down again.
This went on all day.
I was hoping he would feel better today, but I could tell he was just putting on a brave face for us this morning.
We sang Happy Birthday and he opened his first gift of the day, but he didn't eat one single donut for our traditional birthday breakfast, and as we were driving to our local toy store to pick out something with his birthday dollars, he threw up.

So, I'm not sure how the rest of his day will go.
I had planned pizza and chocolate cupcakes with ice cream, and maybe even a visit to the local spray park.
But when you're 5 and you feel nauseous that isn't a whole lot of fun.
We may be postponing the rest of his fun day until he's feeling better and it isn't storming outside!!

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Mommom said...

Poor Garrett. I'm sorry to hear he is sick on his birthday. Hope he feels better tomorrow.
Love, Mom mom