Friday, May 27, 2011

A gift for you: 31 Days of Prayer for My Husband

I am a bit "technologically-challenged", so I've been struggling with this for several weeks.
You may remember a little series I was inspired to share about praying my husband every day for 31 days.
These prayers and thoughts are not original with me, but I do not know who did author them.
Just know I'm not taking the credit for being so creative and thoughtful.
But after much trial and error, I share it with you:

I am hoping that you can print it all out on one page and that it's nice and neat, the way I can see it.
Then maybe put it on some pretty card stock and post it somewhere you can see it first thing every day?
I would love to know if it works that way, as I'm still humbling learning and wanting to share something useful.
Have you prayed for your husband today?

1 comment:

Donna said...

I am going to start using this on June 1. I hope it will benefit me as much as him.